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‘A’ Travel Registration


Instructions for submitting Participant information using the Excel template for Central Cal Softball District 7.


NOTE: Do not submit on-line registrations prior to using the Excel spreadsheet format for submitting registrations. In other words, you cannot submit on-line registrations and later submit an Excel spreadsheet to register your participants.

Prior to submitting an Excel file you MUST have registered for a user account. Please click here to request an accout.

Once you have registered and have a user name and password you can proceed. Please make sure you have all your players’ information prior to submitting the Excel file.

Please complete each field on the Excel spreadsheet as indicated below.

  • First Name – data required
  • Last Name – data required
  • Date of Birth – month, day, and year required. Please use slash marks between month, day, and year. Please submit in the following format: mm/dd/yy
    Example: 03/15/92
  • Type – Select from the drop-down list. Choices are: Player, Coach, Manager, Scorekeeper, Volunteer
  • Address – data required
  • City – data required
  • State – use 2 digit state reference - required
  • Zip – use 7 digit zip code - required
  • Team – name of the team the individual will be participating on. Please be sure to spell the team name correctly, a spelling mistake will create a new team. Required.
  • Age Division – Select from the drop-down list. Choices are: 10 and Under, 12 and Under, 14 and Under, 16 and Under, 18 and Under, 18 Gold. Required.
  • League – you may leave the League name blank

If you have any questions please email Registrations. After you have finished the spreadsheet please email it to Registrations. Do not submit any online registrations until you receive a conformation email/bill for what you have submitted to me.

Once you have received your conformation email you can then go to the online registration program and add any additional/late registrations that you have. You will receive invoices for these as you have in the past.

Except for the League field ALL fields must be filled in. For the Age Division field, please only select from the drop-down list. Any other spelling used and the form can not be used.

You can use my spreadsheet and add whatever information that you may need for you league in the columns after League/column M. The program will ignore any information after column M.

Lastly I can’t emphasize enough that this spreadsheet is basically a one-time “dump” so you don’t have to type all your League information twice, but the spelling of team names must be correct; any deviation will create a new team.

Click here for a PDF of these Excel instructions.
Click here for the Excel Spreadsheet.